WHY? How did the system not see this coming?

The real answer is they did see it coming, refused to admit it, and tried to deceive us into believing that Trump had no chance to win. While Hillary rallies were drawing 600 to 800 people (except maybe when Beyonce and Jay Z or whoever was playing), people were standing in lines over TWO MILES LONG just to see Donald. At the same tome the mainstream media was trying to push the narrative that he had NO CHANCE to win.


Obama was put in the White House TWICE, and all him and his wife could do at EVERY opportunity was HAMMER the US with comments like “I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves!” They never passed up an opportunity to talk down our country, at home or abroad. He spent years accentuating every perceived flaw about America and apologizing to the world for our history.   Every time they had a chance to weigh in on any given current event they used it to foment racial divide instead of waiting to find out the real facts.


EVERY time Americans were slaughtered in our OWN COUNTRY the very first thing out of his mouth was “Islam is about peace!” Every time after so many killed in Santa Monica or Orlando or whatever other disaster, we never heard from him words about keeping Americans safe and what he was doing about the threat, but that “Islam is the religion of peace, don’t say anything bad about Islam! ISIS isn’t Islamic. These terrorists don’t represent Islam.” No matter how they scream “Allah Akbar!” during their murder sprees, OR their self proclaimed or otherwise obvious ties to radical Islamic groups. IMMEDIATELY after one of the largest losses of life to terrorism in this country (besides 9/11), AG Lynch made it clear in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS,  NOT that justice would be brought to the perpetrators, not a desire for vengeance of the victims, but that the US Justice Department would NOT tolerate any anti-Muslim speech!


Obama has stated more than once that CLIMATE CHANGE, right-wingers and Tea Partiers are much more dangerous to our country than terrorists. People will only allow their intelligence to be insulted at that level, by such an arrogant, self righteous, obvious traitor, before the charade falls under it’s own weight. They fooled themselves into thinking that this “modus operandi” worked so well, and got them where they were so fast and effortlessly, that it’s power was infinite and would never lose it’s effect. But the people tire of being insulted by their own appointed leader, eventually.


The fact that Trump actually won this election is NOT a surprise to real Americans. I’m sure it was a real slap in the face to most “true believer” liberals, and potato couch TV addicts that get their world view from the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, but it proved that brainwashing that segment of the population is not QUITE enough (yet) to enable you to retain power indefinitely.


  1. Kathleen Sabala

    November 9, 2016 at 8:56 PM

    Good analysis!

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