Both sides are shaking in their boots that this guy could actually make it. The Republicans are beside themselves on what to do about him. They seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of the way no matter how much it damages “the party”, no matter how much it damages the appearance of the democratic process. No matter how many votes he brings. They are obviously desperate. Why is this? Someone snuck through the system and is stirring up the peasants. The powers that be are not amused.

Trump IS an unknown quantity and that scares a lot of people. He could embarrass us. How much worse could he embarrass us than the wretched excuse of a leader we’ve had to bear over the last 7 years? The Obama presidency has been a worldwide disaster.


I know one thing. We keep electing professional politicians that promise change, but we keep getting a bigger, new and improved version of the same shit sandwich. More war, more debt, more illegal immigrants we don’t have jobs for, more laws, less freedom. Put a new POTUS in from the other party and what changes? No matter what they promise, no matter how they preach and cry “it will be DIFFERENT” it never is. 8 years pass and the debt is doubled, we are at war in twice as many countries, and no one profits except politicians and the military industrial complex. Oh, and the bankers at the top who own it all and lend the government the money to keep it all going. They can’t have just anyone they haven’t vetted and financed, and can count on not to really make things hard on the real bosses, to be able to just walk in and actually grab a position with a little bit of power.


Trump may not be all that his supporters believe he is. He probably isn’t. But he IS our only hope right now. Rest assured that the establishment will not make this mistake again. If they can get this genie back in the bottle, they’ll make sure it will NEVER be found. They will never again allow an outsider to get this close. This is our one shot at starting a peaceful revolution. We can’t afford to pass it up.

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In a bit of positive news, several celebrities have announced their plans to leave the country if Trump gets elected.
Let’s start with the queen of hypocrites, Rosie O’Donnell. She doesn’t believe anyone should have guns. Well, anyone except police and military, oh, and the armed guards that work for her and escort her and her kids around. Sure gonna miss her, yeah.
Al Sharpton recently joined the list. If I was Trump and I did make it to the White House, I’d make Al a deal. Go, and if and when you decide you want to come back, make sure you bring that 4 or 5 million dollars in back taxes. Plus interest and penalties of course.
Everybody’s favorite funny political genius Jon Stewart has not only promised to leave the country but the planet. Wow, do us a favor, please!
Whoopi Goldberg? How would we get by without Whoopi? Her twit of a cohost on The View, Raven-Symonè, claims she isn’t even going to wait for the Presidential election. She says if a Republican gets NOMINATED she’s taking her gang to Canada. Nice!

Hell, liberal crybabies all over the country are threatening to leave in droves. Check out this recent poll of government employees that are threatening to quit: Trump cleans up DC. Hell just putting the man in the office is going to do us so much good before he even makes his first moves I can’t help but vote for the man now.

Politicians on both sides literally hate the fact he is doing so well. God forbid a candidate not chosen by the establishment give them a run for their money.  Considering the mess professional politicians have made of things so far, that’s the best endorsement they could give him.

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