Both sides are shaking in their boots that this guy could actually make it. The Republicans are beside themselves on what to do about him. They seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of the way no matter how much it damages “the party”, no matter how much it damages the appearance of the democratic process. No matter how many votes he brings. They are obviously desperate. Why is this? Someone snuck through the system and is stirring up the peasants. The powers that be are not amused.

Trump IS an unknown quantity and that scares a lot of people. He could embarrass us. How much worse could he embarrass us than the wretched excuse of a leader we’ve had to bear over the last 7 years? The Obama presidency has been a worldwide disaster.


I know one thing. We keep electing professional politicians that promise change, but we keep getting a bigger, new and improved version of the same shit sandwich. More war, more debt, more illegal immigrants we don’t have jobs for, more laws, less freedom. Put a new POTUS in from the other party and what changes? No matter what they promise, no matter how they preach and cry “it will be DIFFERENT” it never is. 8 years pass and the debt is doubled, we are at war in twice as many countries, and no one profits except politicians and the military industrial complex. Oh, and the bankers at the top who own it all and lend the government the money to keep it all going. They can’t have just anyone they haven’t vetted and financed, and can count on not to really make things hard on the real bosses, to be able to just walk in and actually grab a position with a little bit of power.


Trump may not be all that his supporters believe he is. He probably isn’t. But he IS our only hope right now. Rest assured that the establishment will not make this mistake again. If they can get this genie back in the bottle, they’ll make sure it will NEVER be found. They will never again allow an outsider to get this close. This is our one shot at starting a peaceful revolution. We can’t afford to pass it up.

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There are a couple of things we have to start demanding from our leaders. We can not continue to allow them to get away with what is happening in this country.

1. SECURE OUR BORDERS. This is common sense! This is NOT racism. It is a basic right that EVERY OTHER sovereign nation on this planet has, and exercises! For some reason the leftists in our country have convinced a lot of the population that if WE want to keep foreigners from jumping in, at will and in the millions upon millions, it has to be because we are Nazi/KKK who hate the brown people. Rest assured, Mexico DOES NOT allow unrestricted access to their country. Along it’s southern border is a wall. When they catch people trying to get over it they shoot them. This same government rants and raves against any measures even being considered by us at our border as hateful racism.
The government wants to convince you that we must give up our rights in order for them to “keep us safe”. While at the same time, they REFUSE to even stop anyone, including the Muslim terrorists they know are coming, from entering our country as they wish! How can anyone believe our safety is the aim of these policies? This is an insult to your intelligence.¬†Obama has the “Border Patrol” gathering illegal aliens and bussing them into the interior.
One of the first things the federal government SHOULD do and has all authority to do is to keep our borders, well borders. The current state of affairs is unacceptable. It is illegal, and it’s treasonous.
2. KEEP OUR OBLIGATIONS TO THE VETERANS OF THIS COUNTRY. No American should stand for the way our government treats it’s Veterans. Veteran’s benefits should be NON NEGOTIABLE. No discussion of reducing any obligations to our Veterans should EVER be considered while we still send BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us, and BILLIONS of dollars are given each year to non productive members of our society (because THEY have a “right” to a decent standard of living). At the same time, people (some of whom have been horribly wounded in their service) who have served their country live in unacceptable conditions and go without even decent medical care THEY HAVE EARNED.
Of course SOMEHOW our beloved representatives who seem to have no problem voting THEMSELVES a generous salary from the public funds, frequent raises, not to mention positively luxurious retirement packages, don’t seem averse at all to bringing up Veteran’s benefits for the chopping block any time a chance comes up to save a buck for the budget.
It is INSANE that our system will take anyone who happens to get over the border and put them at the front of the line for food stamps, welfare payments, housing assistance, health care, now even the right to vote!!! For ILLEGAL ALIENS. But someone born here and who fought for their country gets the runaround and red tape trying to get help, and many of our real heroes rot in substandard hospital conditions because the VA system is NOT SUFFICIENTLY FUNDED. A free and just society MUST NOT ALLOW THIS ANY LONGER!



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I want to start this on a positive note. There is so much negative stuff going on to complain about. Not to say we should never complain. Rest assured there will be plenty of it going on here. We all should being doing much more than that though.
Too many of us aren’t doing anything BUT complaining. That in itself is not solving anything. DO SOMETHING!

“What can I do?” Of course we all have different talents and different resources. Some of us are in a little better financial shape, others of us may not be but have more time available.
First, be registered to vote. Second, vote! All of us should know who our state representatives are. Find out who they are, find out their positions on the issues and send them a letter on yours. Remind them that you vote! Same for your Senators and Congressmen in DC. DO IT.

Say you’re retired, getting Social Security and barely making it. You still have time, and that’s as valuable as money any day. Take a kid fishing, take a kid shooting or hunting. Instead of complaining about how all the Republicans and Democrats are all the same dirty politicians, find a local third party candidate who you can support and work for his/her campaign. Or, put a suit on and run for a local office yourself!
Find a local grassroots organization you feel you can get behind and work with them to get the word out on the issues that are important to you.

You are working 50 or 60+ hours a week, no time to do such things? Join the NRA, donate to a political cause. Become politically aware enough to talk to your friends/family/coworkers when the opportunity arrives and maybe wake someone up.
Too many people I know are so intimidated by the political correctness choking free speech now. If we keep allowing the opposition to define what is acceptable for us to say and think, we will wake up one day soon when more and more common sense facts are suddenly “radical” “extremist” “hate speech” etc. So many of us are afraid to voice an opinion we are letting the other side do all the talking. This creates the illusion that the talking heads on TV are right. That conservative views are so rare and alien and backward that no modern, thinking, civilized person actually holds them.

The point is DO SOMETHING. You may not change the world single handedly, or maybe you will. Either way, you will feel better about it. We have to do what we can to save our country. We owe it to our descendants to at least make an honest effort to save what may be left of their freedom. If and when it comes to having to actually physically fight for it, at least we will have exhausted all other avenues, at least we will know we tried to resolve it peacefully.

Edited to add: How about umm, starting a blog? LOL. How did I not mention that? Get your position out there. Make a youtube vid. Whatever it takes. SILENCE IS CONSENT.


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