In this NY Post article: NYPost , The US Attorney General announces that courts who actually enforce the laws in their jurisdiction are racist and will face investigations, and possibly lose Federal funding. That’s right, enforcing the law, expecting blacks and minorities to follow the same laws as whites, or pay the consequences, is racist.

Quoted from the article:

   In lieu of fines and jail time, Lynch urges the nation’s 6,500 municipal courts to provide an avenue for offenders to perform “community service” or take advantage of “amnesty days,” whereby outstanding arrest warrants are cleared for nominal fees.
   A strongly worded “guidance” letter, written by her civil-rights team, warns that a local court policy of enforcing warrants for failure to pay court fines and fees can have an adverse “disparate impact” on African-Americans, who are fined and/or arrested for outstanding warrants at “disproportionate” rates versus whites.”
   “In court systems receiving federal funds, these practices may also violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, when they unnecessarily impose disparate harm on the basis of race,” the nine-page letters states.

  How much more obvious do they have to get before people will finally admit that Obama and his minions are pushing an illegal, racist, and dangerous agenda? Less than a year left now, they’ve saved the best for last. A final desperate push for even more anti-American policies.

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In order to have a generally lawful and orderly society, a majority of the citizens of such society must have a certain degree of respect for the laws that govern it. It’s pretty easy to see we have started losing that respect over the last few decades. Let’s take a stab at why this is.

First, in order for most people to have any respect for the law, they must perceive it as generally fair. If the politicians who make it, and the officers who enforce it, are not held accountable and go unpunished for flagrant violations, of course the majority see it is not fair. Such cases are daily reminders that the law is different for the wealthy and powerful, and everybody else.

Next, in order for the system to be fair, it must be fairly easy to understand. If the state is to have no mercy upon the people, and take the stand that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” then how can it be fair to have uncountable thousands upon thousands of laws? Do a little online research. As far as I can tell, no one will even TRY to count the number of US Federal laws. This is unacceptable by any reasonable person who believes in a free and fair society.
If it takes around 7 YEARS of college education to get a license to practice law in this country (and even then you specialize in just a small portion of “law”), how can the government expect all of us simple folk to even know what all the laws are? Much less be able to live in accordance with them all? Don’t worry, the man will surely let you know if they decide you’ve broken it.

We elect and pay over 500 people to go to DC and legislate. And legislate they do. Besides all of the laws our actual legislators vote into being, the beast of a government we have has begun allowing all of it’s separate departments to produce regulations, and enforce those regulations with the power of law. Thousands and thousands of “laws” that were never voted on by your representatives, just written into being by the IRS, Department of Energy, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, on and on it goes.

None of the above even begins to get into the same exact scenario going on at the state and local levels. Two hundred years of this and the situation is now nearly unbearable.

We MUST reign in our overlords. We must DEMAND a smaller government that actually restrains itself to only exercising  the powers granted to it by our Constitution.


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