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Obama’s recent statements on guns include, referring to AR’s with 30 round mags “you don’t need that to hunt a deer” and “AK-47’s belong in the hands of soldiers, not criminals”. Looking at these words one could only conclude he does not approve of us normal citizens owning semiauto rifles with large capacity magazines. He even showed up on television a couple months back and cried about the children killed in mass shootings. Now, please excuse my cynicism, but really, let’s look at some uncomfortable facts about this man. Under Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder presided over operation “Fast and Furious”. In this scheme, our BATFE and DOJ purposely allowed scores of the same types of rifles he claims only “belong” in the hands of soldiers, to be given into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Our executive officials whose expressed duty is to ensure the law is enforced, not only refused to enforce plain law, they KNOWINGLY armed some of the most vicious criminals on this planet with guns that they want us to believe are so destructive and evil we shouldn’t let anyone have them unless, of course, they are working for the state. How can this same man, come on our televisions and expect us to believe that he wants to limit our access to guns, it’s “for the children”?

Are we going to let someone who’s family enjoys the protection of many able bodied, well trained, well armed men, at our expense, for the rest of his life, convince us that guns don’t belong in the hands of us commoners? It’s obviously fine with him that weapons are around his wife and kids, as long as it is only his minions with them. Are we going to allow the same people who arm ISIS and the Mexican Mafia to disarm us? These people purposely let those guns go to known animals, for the purpose of using the deaths of innocents to come back on us, and use it against US to take OUR rights. Can anyone who would have any part in such deceit, really have the interests of innocent citizens at heart? There is only one answer. They don’t care about crime, Obama doesn’t care about “the children”. They care about power and money and the system that provides it for them. Disarming the population is necessary to ensure that the people will never threaten that system. “Reasonable gun control” means only the minions of the state have them. It never stops, the next step is always “reasonable” to them, until their aim is achieved. Obama and company need to be reminded that the second amendment was not written to ensure that our right to “hunt a deer” shall not be infringed. It has a much greater purpose. We do not intend to give it up.






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I want to start this on a positive note. There is so much negative stuff going on to complain about. Not to say we should never complain. Rest assured there will be plenty of it going on here. We all should being doing much more than that though.
Too many of us aren’t doing anything BUT complaining. That in itself is not solving anything. DO SOMETHING!

“What can I do?” Of course we all have different talents and different resources. Some of us are in a little better financial shape, others of us may not be but have more time available.
First, be registered to vote. Second, vote! All of us should know who our state representatives are. Find out who they are, find out their positions on the issues and send them a letter on yours. Remind them that you vote! Same for your Senators and Congressmen in DC. DO IT.

Say you’re retired, getting Social Security and barely making it. You still have time, and that’s as valuable as money any day. Take a kid fishing, take a kid shooting or hunting. Instead of complaining about how all the Republicans and Democrats are all the same dirty politicians, find a local third party candidate who you can support and work for his/her campaign. Or, put a suit on and run for a local office yourself!
Find a local grassroots organization you feel you can get behind and work with them to get the word out on the issues that are important to you.

You are working 50 or 60+ hours a week, no time to do such things? Join the NRA, donate to a political cause. Become politically aware enough to talk to your friends/family/coworkers when the opportunity arrives and maybe wake someone up.
Too many people I know are so intimidated by the political correctness choking free speech now. If we keep allowing the opposition to define what is acceptable for us to say and think, we will wake up one day soon when more and more common sense facts are suddenly “radical” “extremist” “hate speech” etc. So many of us are afraid to voice an opinion we are letting the other side do all the talking. This creates the illusion that the talking heads on TV are right. That conservative views are so rare and alien and backward that no modern, thinking, civilized person actually holds them.

The point is DO SOMETHING. You may not change the world single handedly, or maybe you will. Either way, you will feel better about it. We have to do what we can to save our country. We owe it to our descendants to at least make an honest effort to save what may be left of their freedom. If and when it comes to having to actually physically fight for it, at least we will have exhausted all other avenues, at least we will know we tried to resolve it peacefully.

Edited to add: How about umm, starting a blog? LOL. How did I not mention that? Get your position out there. Make a youtube vid. Whatever it takes. SILENCE IS CONSENT.


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