Have a good look at the image below. This is a map of North America as we believe it looked around 12,000 years ago. Notice glaciers covered nearly ALL of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 100% of Canada, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. On the east coast all of New York state and Massachusetts north, iced year round.




Now we know that sometime between 10 or 12 thousand years ago, and oh, the 1500’s when Europeans started to explore mainland North America.  All of this glacier cover retreated north. WHY? Not from car exhaust, not from factories or power plants. NO human activity can explain this worldwide increase in temperature and loss of glacier cover.


So we know that the earth has generally been warming up for at least 12 THOUSAND YEARS. Glaciers have been retreating since. With fluctuations of course. Let’s Fast forward to the present. Al Gore, Obama, and a bunch of alarmist “scientists” are warning that the warming is accelerating, and  a major disaster is surely on the horizon. But not to worry,  not only have they discerned exactly how and why the warming is happening, they know how to fix it. But it’s going to take money. Lots and lots of your money.


The culprit is carbon dioxide, that’s right. Plain carbon dioxide that plants breathe. They are actually brainwashing generations of people that carbon dioxide is a toxic pollutant.


They expect you to believe that not only is “global warming” or “climate change” your fault, but if you give them enough taxes and enough power over your activities, they can STOP IT! Of course most of the highest profile proponents of this scheme are heavily invested in the “carbon banks” that will profit to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars if they can get their scheme approved worldwide. The same such philanthropists who expect you to believe their intentions are purely about saving the world are also heavily invested in the alternative energy industries and the “green” solutions that will be legislated into mandatory requirements to turn the runaway warming around. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for Al Gore and his elite friends, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, they will be exempt from the new green ways. They will still live in mansions and travel by private jets and huge limos while the have nots will, through higher and higher taxes on energy, be incrementally forced into smaller and smaller houses and public transportation. But hey, IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Certainly Obama and company wouldn’t lie to you. Surely their own huge potential profits would not weigh into their decisions. The same liberals who know for a fact that governments wage wars that kill millions of innocents, to keep the military industrial complex raking in the dough (they do). Who don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry to have the people’s interest above profit (they don’t). These same intelligent souls gleefully accept and even cheer on this movement. Oblivious to the billions that are spent on it and the countless trillions to be made on it if their goals are achieved. No, money could not skew the righteous intentions of this noble cause.

No matter how many times they are caught tampering with the results, no matter how many times their models are called into question. These virtuous champions of the left are above petty profiteering. No, the science is settled.

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