There are a couple of things we have to start demanding from our leaders. We can not continue to allow them to get away with what is happening in this country.

1. SECURE OUR BORDERS. This is common sense! This is NOT racism. It is a basic right that EVERY OTHER sovereign nation on this planet has, and exercises! For some reason the leftists in our country have convinced a lot of the population that if WE want to keep foreigners from jumping in, at will and in the millions upon millions, it has to be because we are Nazi/KKK who hate the brown people. Rest assured, Mexico DOES NOT allow unrestricted access to their country. Along it’s southern border is a wall. When they catch people trying to get over it they shoot them. This same government rants and raves against any measures even being considered by us at our border as hateful racism.
The government wants to convince you that we must give up our rights in order for them to “keep us safe”. While at the same time, they REFUSE to even stop anyone, including the Muslim terrorists they know are coming, from entering our country as they wish! How can anyone believe our safety is the aim of these policies? This is an insult to your intelligence.¬†Obama has the “Border Patrol” gathering illegal aliens and bussing them into the interior.
One of the first things the federal government SHOULD do and has all authority to do is to keep our borders, well borders. The current state of affairs is unacceptable. It is illegal, and it’s treasonous.
2. KEEP OUR OBLIGATIONS TO THE VETERANS OF THIS COUNTRY. No American should stand for the way our government treats it’s Veterans. Veteran’s benefits should be NON NEGOTIABLE. No discussion of reducing any obligations to our Veterans should EVER be considered while we still send BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us, and BILLIONS of dollars are given each year to non productive members of our society (because THEY have a “right” to a decent standard of living). At the same time, people (some of whom have been horribly wounded in their service) who have served their country live in unacceptable conditions and go without even decent medical care THEY HAVE EARNED.
Of course SOMEHOW our beloved representatives who seem to have no problem voting THEMSELVES a generous salary from the public funds, frequent raises, not to mention positively luxurious retirement packages, don’t seem averse at all to bringing up Veteran’s benefits for the chopping block any time a chance comes up to save a buck for the budget.
It is INSANE that our system will take anyone who happens to get over the border and put them at the front of the line for food stamps, welfare payments, housing assistance, health care, now even the right to vote!!! For ILLEGAL ALIENS. But someone born here and who fought for their country gets the runaround and red tape trying to get help, and many of our real heroes rot in substandard hospital conditions because the VA system is NOT SUFFICIENTLY FUNDED. A free and just society MUST NOT ALLOW THIS ANY LONGER!



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  1. Your cry of “SECURE OUR BORDERS. This is common sense!” is screaming in the wilderness. Those who wanted our borders open were the likes of Bush, as well as the Democrats. That is, the ESTABLISHMENT (those who want to depend on the government to feed them) always wanted open borders from Canada through Mexico. They wanted it so THEY can benefit – not the people.

    So it’s not that making sense to them is important, because their “sense” of things counters yours diametrically.

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